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Miramar Yacht Club

Welcome, "Caletero", to these pages
which connect the past with the present.

Those who remember yesterday's Cuba and who were lucky enough to belong to the Miramar Yacht Club (MYC or simply the Club) cannot forget the life we enjoyed there. However, as the years go by, those unforgettable memories start to fade. It is here, in these pages of modern technology, where you will find names, photos and other things typical of MYC that will help you illuminate the fading thoughts. And while most of this was simply translated from the Spanish version of this website, here are a few stories written in English of life at the Club by Ventura Montes, Jr. (Benny in the story); depending on your browser, the document may be downloaded rather than displayed.

From the pages which you may select at left, the last three pages (Members, Employees and Help) are not available. The Facilities Page has photos of the Club -- new clubhouse shown at right, old clubhouse, boathouse, grounds, etc.

The Nautical Page covers the boats and its people. The Sports Page deals with the athletes and the teams. The Activities Page reminds us of what we did at the Club, including our parties. All three pages are full of pictures.

Three pages have not been translated, but in two cases their content can be easily inferred by looking at the Spanish version. The Members Page should have a list of the members' names, nicknames and e-mail addresses; instead, you may look at the list in the Spanish version by later going to the "Socios" page. The Employees Page should have a list of those who did so much for the Club members; again, you may look at the list in the Spanish version by later going to the "Empleados" page. Finally, the Help Page was intended for Club members, many of whom have little expertise using the Internet, and has not been translated.

Thank you for visiting us. For those who are lost, the MYC existed in
Havana, Cuba before Castro. © 2000 - 2003 MYC. Last revision April 25, 2001.